Spring Rush 2018

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-------------------Pre-Rush Event: Meet the Lambdas-------------------

FRI 1/12 5 PM ◆ Meet in Huntsman Hall Lobby
Come meet the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, our brother fraternity, and learn about how our organizations promote Asian awareness on Penn's campus!


------------------------Open Recruitment Schedule------------------------

MON 1/15 7PM and TUES 1/16 7PM ◆ UP ALL NIGHT | General Interest Meetings
Meet in Huntsman Hall Lobby
Get ready for a night out with the sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi. Homemade madeleines and fresh fruit will be served!

WED 1/17 7PM ◆ SUNSET | Philanthropy
Meet in Huntsman Hall Lobby
Create your own ice cream sundaes while learning about our sorority’s national philanthropy, Breast Cancer Awareness.

THURS 1/18 7PM ◆ DUSK | Leadership
Meet in Huntsman Hall Lobby
Come learn about the impact our sisters make within aKDPhi, the Penn community, and beyond through their leadership while munching on savory scones and sipping mocktails.

FRI 1/19 7PM ◆ MIDNIGHT | Asian Awareness
Meet in Huntsman Hall Lobby
Enjoy dumplings and yogurt drinks while learning more about our sisters’ diverse backgrounds and about how aKDPhi promotes Asian awareness in the community.

SAT 1/20 1PM ◆ DAWN | Alumnae Brunch
Meet in Radian Lobby
Meet our distinguished alumnae and learn how our sisterhood is truly timeless. We will be serving delicious brunch food and hors d'oeuvres.

-----------------------Closed Recruitment Schedule----------------------

To be eligible for a closed rush invite, rushees must attend 1 GIM and at least 2 Open Rush events.

◆ Individual Dates with a Sister
◆ Hot Pot with our brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, Sigma Chapter
◆ Dessert Night
◆ Formal Interviews


For any questions regarding recruitment, please feel free to reach out to our rush chairs: 


Past Rush Events: