What is Rush?

-Rush is a period of time usually during the start of every semester where the house organizes several events and invites anyone who is interested in joining aKDPhi to participate. It is a great time for you to meet and get to know sisters as well as for them to get to know you! Rush is cost and obligation free so even if you are unsure about joining aKDPhi we invite you to come check it out!

DO I have to Accept a Bid if i rush?

-Absolutely not, if you are extended a bid after rush you can choose to not accept it.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

-Absolutely not, while aKDPhi is an Asian interest sorority we encourage girls from all different racial and ethnic backgrounds to join.

If I Accept a Bid, what happens next?

-After you accept the bid you will officially begin the New Member Education process where you will learn more about the sorority, its members and its traditions and values. The New Member Education process is a great way for you to get closer to your new member class and what it means to be a sister of aKDPhi.

Will i be Hazed?

-No, aKDPhi and the University of Pennsylvania have a strict no hazing policy. We will never do anything or ask a new member to do anything that would pose threat or harm to them or others. A bid comes with the understanding that we value you as a future sister or our sorority.

Will being in a Sorority affect my grades?

-Being a sorority at an Ivy League university we understand how important academics are. aKDPhi has continuously had one of the highest GPAs at Penn and our chapter has the highest GPA among all chapters of aKDPhi. The house is filled with sisters with knowledge and experience in all schools and majors that are more than willing to help. In addition we have a large test bank as a further resource to help you succeed academically. The success of our current sisters and alumnae are an indication of our continuous dedication to academic excellence.

Still have a Question?

Contact us: 

President: upenn.akdphi.president@gmail.com

Rush Chair: upennakdphirush@gmail.com